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About Us

Stancom Solutions Limited is a Financial Technology Solutions Company founded in 2021 by four vastly experienced AML, Financial and Information Technology experts with a combined experience spanning over 50 years of core industry experience.

We operate in the Compliance and AML space where we are delivering cutting edge technologies that have been built on the indepth core experience of years of operation in the Compliance, AML, Finance and Core IT space that has been leveraged to deliver core products like and At Stancom we stop nothing to deliver customer driven quality experience in our technology as a function in our core Quality Management System driven primarily to deliver core customer satisfaction in the compliance and AML space.

Mission & Vision

Stancom’s core mission is to be at the forefront of developing and implementing solution based technologies that strive to make real and sustainable change and development.
Stancom is focused on adhering to the highest international standards, quality and functionality whilst abiding to the legislations in the jurisdictions that we operate.
We are committed to problem solving and dedicated to producing result based solutions of the highest attainable standards.