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Our vision is to become the compliance partner of choice for entities and organisations that require tailor made bespoke compliance solutions. Employing a combination of research, analytics, and a dedicated account management framework, we endeavour to provide best in class solutions in the ever-changing compliance arena.
Providing sustainable Anti money laundering and Counter Terrorist financing solutions in an ever changing and demanding environment is a complex endeavour. At Stancom our objective is to constantly proffer affordable and result driven AML solutions backed by the desire to solve the complex and ever-changing financial crime constraints. Providing and developing user friendly effective transaction monitoring, payment screening, sanctions and adverse media tools are at the heart of what we do at Stancom.
At Stancom, we endeavour to constantly adhere to the highest regulatory standards and sanctions regimes. Our vison is to constantly incorporate up to date international and local sanctions regulations and regime listings in our systems and solutions. This would invariably provide a foundation built on integrity.
One of our core objectives is partnering and proffering solutions in the Fintech ecosystem. The fintech industry is constantly growing and evolving. At Stancom we are dedicated to being an essential part of this growth and innovation with our bespoke fintech solutions.
The need-to-Know your customer(s) and client(s) is an essential requirement for businesses. We at Stancom seek to provide workable and effective solutions in this field regardless of the size and complexity of our client and organization.
With Decades of experience in the IT Sector we simulate Business Process Automation Solutions through process managment integration into software and network optimised solutions that integrate in the cloud, onpremise or as hybrid solutions.